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April 10, 2019

Tracy Chapman.


The first artist i ever realized i loved, as i got older.  I remember listening to her as a kid, not even realizing i thought she was a he, because of her voice.  I knew her primarily through the song "Give Me One Reason" (and i'll turn right back around), and later less knowingly the song "Fast Car".  I always thought the songs were catchy and had a great voice.  


As i started getting older (w00t) i started to sharpen my preferences or quantify my preferences to sounds and music.  I started seeking more musical warmth and lyrical warmth (Yes i made up lyrical warmth, i like when the lyrics come off smooth, CLEVER but unforced, natural conversation that would exist in real life, sorry chainsmokers )   in songs.  I dislike cold sterile "edm".  Could this be due to the cilia in our ears aging and being less and less sensitive to treble and the highest frequencies?  What a graph says we can hear does not mean we .... like everything we can hear....right?  I feel like everyday i love simplicity and 'just enough' more and more.  Too much perfection feels fake, feels not me, because im imperfect, and thats the easiest explanation for me.  I can appreciate perfection, but i can feel imperfection. 


Flash forward to 2019, some 24 years later i love... LOVE music by tracy chapman and the likes.  I dare you to listen to the part in the song "Fast Car" As a kid, i hated classical music.  I thought it was corny.  Too simple.  Now I find myself gravitating closer to music that resembles it.  Another band that has resurged my love for music?  Vampire Weekend's self titled album.  I could not have read it any better when i read on Tidal, it "feels like a concept album about preppy guys who grew up with classical music and recently got really into world music."  Is there such a thing as the some of the best of times, or the best amount of sound of mount that, our bodies want versus what we can take in?  Signal to noise ratio is huge to me now.  Is self actualization the cycle back to delayed gratification now that you have felt the other side of impulsive gratification?  They damn sure dont make things like they used to.  More to learn always.  All i know right now is, to me, good music, good film photography should feel timeless, but more importantly feel NEW to me every time.  I havent felt NEW'd in a long time with the "New" stuff lately.  Elitist Leicaman onto the photos:


Camera Body: Leica M3 Takahashi Black Repaint

Camera Lens: Leica 28mm Summicron ASPH V1

Film: Kodak Trix400 Shot at Exposure Whatever i Guessed

Developed: Base Iso +0



Downtown Portland March 2019




Morning Grind




Victoria's Secret




Climb me


flat up.  i am pretty consistently tilted to one side, but the goal here was to make it look like walking paths or bowling alley lanes.






Brief march portland sunrise on the fountains





Rooftop Work





Favorite Coffeehouse Downtown


Show me Show Me Your Smartphone in the Park


So filthy the pigeons don't even wanna stand in it


And to end on my favorite picture i took at portland.  I will let the picture speak for itself.  I wanted to capture all sorts of reflections and confusion by looking thru different things to frame this picture.


Mind = Blown





Downtown Bellevue March 2019


I all about that AM to PM NAP LIFE 



Meydenbauer Park Grand Opening (21mm)


21mm Selfie


Apparently Haze DOES affect lenses at some point


Sometime's you just gotta...


21mm Self Timer Selfie




New Kung Fu Tea spot


First time making my momma dearest's Pork Adobo



Went to Soul Cycle for Wei and April's first times, and Evan's last Saturday 730 session :'( 


We did get to meet Bruce Wayne!   I feel like im there with Bruce when i look at these pics! He's awesome!


 R u trying to pet me


I gud




Shaking some swag off for the rest of y'all


Bruce is not impressed by taking a picture of a picture taking



These next 3 pictures of Dora and Wei are just so fun and candid to me





And now to end with the last two bangers!  



Tsuki has such good form when eating her Chicken and Cheese Gogurts


Surival of the Fittest


Im starting to like this whole guess metering thing.


Time to seek the perfect amount of imperfection now, but here's an awesome quote my buddy Chris gave me, that i will leave as food for thought.


As soon as you stop believing you are the smartest person in the room, things make more sense.



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April 10, 2019

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