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Just Get $|-|iT D0N3

April 2, 2019

5:50 PM PST Missing Dora-Chan in Tokyu.  


No april fools needed here.


This has been the motto of 2019 for me this year.  Corny? Yeah probably. But this shit is powahful.  This phrase is   Inspirational ever since the first time i heard Kobe Bryant say it.  #JGSD Just Get shit done.  There's so many bad habits ive learned i have these past couple years growing up.  It was so hard to ever admit that.  Once i did, shit....was easy....and i LOVE this feeling.  Even the littlest things like, putting off the gym or even putting off writing a blog post, have been trumped in my mind to just get it done.  Mental commitment in your head is so powerfully----REWARDING, but not immediately apparently so.   I feel like i have never been so hesitant or questioning of things like i was when i was younger, and maybe society or pop culture has influenced that, but whatever.  Im over it now.  Half committing and winning almost feels the same as half committing and losing, so why bother.  I find one of the most useful things to do to help coax this #JGSD mindset is to remind myself of the examples of reward, getting shit done has gotten me.  Example:  this blog.  For years i stalled to write this, but now that i have a scrap book of posts, they are priceless to me now.  I have to continue to build this mountain of intrinsic reward to compete with this toxic society culture of me before you.  It's good for me.


Anyways, ON TO ZE PICTURES.  I guessed exposure on these so that's why it's all over the place with exposure.  I took these on a Leica M3 Black Repaint with a Leica 28mm Summicron ASPH Lens, with no external viewfinder.  This was awesome because i basically guess framed everything from the 50mm since i dont have an external 28mm viewfinder.  Cool!


Camera Body: Leica M3 Takahashi Black Repaint

Camera Lens: Leica 28mm Summicron ASPH V1

Film: Porta 400 Shot at Exposure Whatever i Guessed

Developed: Base Iso +0




I of course, naturally, and perfectly speakingly, with poor grammarly.   Have tsuki-chan behind me in da'd's gamer chair as i write this blog.  Would-n-t-have-it-any-otherway--.



Pics of Portlandia!!!!!!  This was on my 3rd week here.



K Drama walk scene just missing the floating petals and beautiful sun...okay maybe missing a lot more






Green water



Peepin' in on the portland FD.  Squeaky Clean



This reminded me of an X crucifix or a SAW torture machine....



Trying to confuse perspective with this street lamp :D


Homelessness looks like a prison


Biking on a bridge


Sunset shadows on the bridge to highlight this metal crocodile creature shape and that star wars looking appendage on the left and the cool purple JITR logo.



The park


Crooked framing is my middle name


Tried to make the pillars look like they were leaning into her ^_^



Here are some of the first blooms i found strolling around.  There are specific flowers i wanted to focus and lead the eyes to.  Enjoy!










I honestly thought this was the crystal ballroom venue....but my aging grandpa self read just the crystal part.


Portland movement


Pretty little burbs Pretty little burbs


Cool angle - didnt line up that top right corner the way i wanted to oops


Famous Industrial Enginéér Extraordinaire - Kyle


Just annoying the kitchen staff with my film camera at Andina Peruvian Restaurant in Portland




This last section (Bellevue, WA @ Omega Photo) is dedicated to one of the greatest people in my life.  Framing is exactly nothing close to what the Sanchize would approve of, but these pics are nostalgia forever remembered.  One day ill learn to fill a frame and fit people in it.  This guy inspires me with putting both his perfectly realistic struggles and internal excuses to the side and just getting shit done.  Chris and his beautiful Sophia.  Love you always bro.  









You know what, this post was SO worth it.  AS ALWAYS. DAMN.  I'm giddy looking at this. 


~~kiLLinG theM~~  (in a joking slang voice)



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