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Gryffin4eva / Christy & Luu's Wedding 2019 / Portland

March 12, 2019

It's crazy how a few days can really change your world in such a short time.  It's also crazy to me how inspiring it feels to see someone genuinely try and see good in the saddest of things.   It is an unbelievable feeling to sense that someone can feel happy in times of happiness, and sadness when it is due and meaningful.  What an amazing example of self actualization I have seen in one of closest persons to me.  Is this all just coincedence?  Did we just happen to see the Netflix episode of 7 days out referencing Doublelifts loss of a loved one?  Did our love for LANY's songs grow mutually even more?   Did we not just own two escape rooms back to back as an RDNI unit??  Was it fate that we happened to be all there together with Gryffin for his last days?  Either way, J,  i Love you bro.


And We love you too Gryf. 


This roll was shot on a Leica MP on Kodak Portra 800, Push developed +1 with a Summicron 28mm ASPH lens.  Film was developed at Omega Photo in Bellevue, WA.  I'm really starting to love 28mm.  It feels like i can show you 'IM THERE!'. 


I'm queuing this bad boy up now while i write this blog post:




Included is also some pics i took before Luu's Wedding while they were setting up.  I wanted to capture the 'jittery pre-wedding setup vibe'.


There is also a couple pictures of portland as well.


701 Whaley - The Wedding Venue


It has a nice rustic chic prison/camp vibe in the back. 



Calm before the arrival


Angel with a G


JONx2 Lacoste Gator 




Sam wid da Le and Mac wid da Pega. Ps y Halo young lady on the bottom right


Pretty Pretty Flowers.  Tried to capture this in a flattened painting look with the wall in the background and make the chairs look tiny.  Nailed itttt.


Ooops love you babe.  Was practicing my beautiful pose, just trying to get on the level beautiful you are to me.


Freaky lines to forever down the center.  Getting ready to lift off to Portland before the snow hits.



Seriously, look at all the movement, personalities and stories this picture tells.  What a blessing to see and capture.


Fire alarm testing scares da Tsuki :'(

J Drag with tha beautiful facial lines, caught raw and candid by Jr.


Is the coast clear yet?


Practicing my focus and my self beauty


Luv the way flash captures the beautiful high school prom pink vest.


SwagSwagSwagSuHwAGgggg feat. Allen tha Guardian


What kind of pot? Askin' fo' ah' frien' uhv' vuh' fren'


Weird slanted road but straight tower


Gettin' close, to gettin' close


Tha stairz


701 and rising


Crown the Shelf


Just let the flavor of the whiskey drip down the tip of your tongue (hurl)


Congrats bro.  Love you Luu. Prouda u always.


Nimmel trying to camo himself


San Nim Tonio


Franklin tha natural


 The best of me (film selfie'd e on this shit btw bitches)


These next two pictures both break my heart, and make me so happy to know he's in a better place.  These pictures also teleport me for a millisecond every time, to the smells, vibes, feels and emotions we shared when we all were there for Gryf when he needed us.   This boy was a beast and always put us first and making sure he never ever gave us an inkling of a thought that he would be a burden to us.  


The way he looks at Daddy jr is one of a kind.


Bro is still lovin' us even when in a time it's so hard to feel love.



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