Bellevue, WA, USA


January Roll During SNOWmageddon 2019

February 11, 2019

More days into the snowmageddon that has hit our fertile lands of Bellevue, WA.



This roll was shot on a Leica M3 Black Paint (Repaint by the Takahashi Brothers of Japan).  I used a 50mm Summicron Version III.



Shot on Cinestill 800T at ei3200 / Developed +2 @ Omega Photo Bellevue, WA.  This is a night time film, that i decided to shoot in both daylight and night time.



Eyes closed - Fire in the hole!!!!!






The best helping hands.  Partners in crime since 2018 



Isla of Palms



Sleepy Duo



This shot was by Gabby.  His first on a leica rangefinder.  He is quite ze natural.  Alfie is quite ze natural model.


Gabby showing off his bokeh-skills taking a pic of the bb



Gino-Attack lookin swag.  Sucha perfect frindle of hair aimed to the sky to celebrate this new year.



Mac-Attack looking swag too.  Flannel to match his Sepiroth hair.



PokiFeaster eats paws to the bowl.  



No paparazzi's plz.  Garlic fried rice recipe must be kept safe.



hard worker part 2



Vicious poki



Mina lookin Mean-A



Angel oak uses a buncha poles to keep'r up



Cool nipple i found



Your trunk body is a wonderland...



Tungsten film shows daylight overexposure like flames.  Kinda sweet.



So long sweet winter at South Carolina




Some cool perspective tricks making dora look life size and the people below look tiny.



Pretty bird-spective under-exposed hehe



Under folly's pier



Black-pink wall and black-pink lovin' Dora checkin out rainbow row



cool alley in downtown charleston



Kickin' that weak air bwoi.  UNDFTD



Greenish hues the tungsten film gives in daylight



Dora posin in front of this vintage house.  Carolina green shutters.



Is that you orlando bloom from sucky movies and not lord of the rings movies? oh jk



At Edmund's Oast.  The only place where asian and southern fusion actually....tastes good?



This hot date that was with me at Edmund's Oast.  Sizzle


At to end, one last poki-attack


More rolls to come!


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