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First Film Post - Christmas 2018 Pictures (Album #1 of ??)

February 2, 2019

This roll was shot on a Leica M3 Black Paint (Repaint by the Takahashi Brothers of Japan).  I used a 50mm Summicron Version III, the fabled ugly duckling of the Summicron 50mm.  I love this lens combo, don't let specs fool you.  This was one of my first rolls i have shot unmetered with my light guesstimation of shutter speeds and aperture settings.  Full of mistakes but i'm into it.


Ze Greatest for Ze Leicaman



The first picture that came from scans was this.  Full of grain, barely exposed but full of instant nostalgia.


Shot on Kodak Trix-400 at EI1600 / Developed +2 @ Omega Photo Bellevue, WA



Already Part of the Family



Hard Worker



 Clemson Flex 




Winter Games - Justine the Host.  Lorna got the eyes of competition....Gela has tha op-pusit.  



JR plottin' strategies




The famous saran wrap ball held by Marco



Doogie stealin' the show.  Jojo with the swaglasses.  Excellent knee to foot contact and psuedo-elbow to wrist contact by Marco and company.



Shakin' dat saran wrap while Lulu-ledoogie stops and stares.



The golden girls in action



BKeDSHoP Downtown Charleston with Friends - a rare sight to see the Mouser in a smiling state.



Dora Mid Steppin to Gnome Cafe




 V-E-G-A-N L-O-V-E-R-$



Convos for Days



Creepy Fan




Nu Best Frandz



 Downtown looks like Downtown 




Love this shot.  So much going on all over the frame. Downtown Charleston Battery construction.



 Budget Angel Oak Tree Heheh



 Which Battery??? The South Battery!  Testing that 1M Focus.




Random House but i wanted to frame the palmetto tree



The Lance-finiti Skyline G37 



Christmas Decor or Serial Killer Decor - Arthur Mitchell Dat u? 




Beautiful Person if i ever did see one... <3



 Tried to make my mom's trees in the backyard look haunted 



 A Wild Mina-Kakuna!@!



Baby Gavin's First New Years 



 Band of Singers - Score 9999 Karaoke 




JR this dark or did i underexpose??? 



 Whiskey Shot Doctors Los & Jeff




 Country GurlZ anD Country BoyZ RuLe Da SoutH



Gettin' sum cakes afta gettin stuck in tha mud in JR's Honda Civic



 Brother and Sister Packin' Heat Fa Days



Tha Boys of Winta' 2018



Plenty More Albums to come.  God i love looking at these pictures. 















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